Civil Design

Since inception, SEPC has been working on civil engineering design aspect of public works projects including roads, sidewalks, pedestrian ramps, utilities, drainage, sewer systems, and other miscellaneous projects. As part of the design process, we have performed the following on a regular basis:

  • Preliminary and Final Design
  • Contract Drawings, Specifications, Schedules, and Estimates
  • Drainage and watermain design
  • Sidewalk & Pedestrian Ramps Survey and Evaluation
  • Profiles, Utility Plans and ROW Studies
  • Lighting and Signage Plans
  • Maintenance and Protection of Traffic Plans
  • Construction Support Services
We have worked for almost all public agencies in NYC Metropolitan area on engineering and construction inspection projects. Our highly competent team is ready to assist you. We are available to answer any inquiry you may have.
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