Service Description

Design and Construction Support Services for Major Deegan On-Ramp Pavement and Drainage Repairs at the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge

SEPC was retained by MTA Bridges and Tunnels as the Prime consultant to provide investigations, inspection, design, and construction support services for the rehabilitation of the ramp. Since the extent of deterioration to the pavement and drainage were unknown, ground penetrating radar survey, video camera inspection of the drainage, and soil borings were utilized to develop construction documents for the repairs. SEPC investigated the entire ramp to provide a sound design for longer term.

SEPC developed final design drawings and specifications for the rehabilitation utilizing the results of the inspections and investigations.  The firm also developed MPT drawings for the necessary lane closures for the ground penetrating radar survey, video camera inspection, and soil boring work.  The project required extensive coordination among NYCDOT and MTA B&T due to interagency partnership agreement for maintenance and capital funding.

As the Prime consultant, SEPC coordinated the work of the three subcontractors that provided ground penetrating radar survey, video camera inspection, soil boring testing, and maintenance and protection of traffic services. 


Major Deegan Ramp
Major Deegan Ramp

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