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MTA Bridges and Tunnels

Rock Slope Protection at Bronx Approach, Henry Hudson Bridge


Scope of work included design for Rock Slope Protection at Henry Hudson Bridge Approaches.  The work was comprised of site investigations, preliminary design/inspection report and final design for Rock Slope Protection.

The site investigation included physical inspection, concrete coring and analysis of the existing retaining wall, video inspection of the existing storm sewer system, and geotechnical investigations.  The investigations revealed a broken/clogged existing storm sewer system and inadequate rock slope protection.

The final design included repairs to existing retaining wall, new storm sewer system, and a new rock slope protection system.  The rock slope protection work included clearing of existing vegetation, removal of loose and detached rocks from the slope, installation of erosion control mats, planting of specified species plants, installation of wire mesh drape over rock ledge at north end and Installation of rock catchment fence at the base of rock slope. SEPC Fee: $258,000.

Rock Slope Protection
Rock Slope Protection

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