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MTA Bridges and Tunnels, Flood Mitigation at RFK, Bronx Whitestone and Throgs Neck Bridges


The RFK Bridge comprises of three bridges interconnected to carry traffic between Queens, Bronx and Manhattan.  The three bridges include:

1.  Harlem River Lift Bridge, 2.  East River Suspension Bridge and 3.  Bronx Crossing.   It also has 14 miles of approach roadway spans connecting three boroughs.


The Throgs Neck Bridge is a heavily traveled, 11,000-foot-long, suspended span bridge, connecting Bronx and Queens.


The Bronx Whitestone Bridge is a heavily traveled, 7,100-foot-long, suspended span bridge, connecting Bronx and Queens.


SEPC evaluated service buildings, toll plazas, and other structures for Throgs Neck, Bronx Whitestone and RFK Bridges for exposure to potential flooding.  The project also included Robert Moses Building at Randall’s Island housing maintenance shops and administration building.


The investigations included inventory of all sensitive infrastructure equipment and their locations, determining existing elevations for all facilities at all floors. All items were recorded into GIS data and a matrix developed to determine the exposure to compare with potential 50 year and 100 year expected flood levels.


The study recommended safeguards against future potential flooding which included relocation of sensitive material and equipment to higher elevations and offered various alternates to prevent the flooding of the buildings.

 Flood Mitigation
 Flood Mitigation
 Flood Mitigation
 Flood Mitigation

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