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MTA Bridges and Tunnels

PSC-16-2997 Main Cables Trial Blow Test at RFK Bridge and Bronx Whitestone Bridge


MTA Bridges and Tunnels (MTA B&T) retained SEPC to perform construction management services for the main cables trial blow test for both RFK and Bronx Whitestone Bridges.  The project objective was to ensure that all cables were sealed properly, which was attained by performing a blow test to confirm all cable wrappings were completely sealed and there was no leakage.  In addition to technical difficulties, the project required extensive coordination between several public agencies as closing of traffic lanes at heavily travelled bridges impacted traffic throughout New York City.  SEPC performed the CM services and coordinated the project from pre-award through project closeout. 

The following tasks were performed:

  • Reviewed drawings and specifications before construction and provided comments to TBTA.  Also reviewed plans for access platforms and hanging spider scaffolds; and recommended for approval by TBTA.
  • Reviewed baseline schedule and recommend its approval to TBTA.  Monitored the schedule against actual progress throughout the duration and coordinated adjustments to schedule as needed.
  • Reviewed and recommended to TBTA subcontractor approvals.
  • Reviewed, made comments for revisions, and recommended to TBTA approvals of submissions for H&S Plan, Waste Handling Plan, Quality Management System Manual, Maintenance and Protection of Traffic Plans, Shop Drawings, and Catalog Cuts.
  • Performed construction inspection for duration of all operations including Maintenance and Protection of Traffic.  Prepared Inspector’s daily reports and submitted to TBTA.
  • Reviewed contractors extra work order request and recommended to TBTA for its approval.
  • Performed project closeout.
Blow Test
Blow Test
Blow Test
Blow Test

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