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MTA Bridges and Tunnels

TN-87B, Design and Construction Support Services for Project TN-87B/TNM-338, Anchorage and Tower Protection at the Throgs Neck Bridge – Phase B


The Throgs Neck Bridge is a heavily traveled, 11,000-foot-long, suspended span bridge, connecting Bronx and Queens. Existing construction varies, and consists of one 1,800 feet main span, two 555 feet side spans and many approach spans on both sides.

Scope of the work included in-depth inspection of all elements including towers, anchorages, electrical, utility and drainage systems; preparation of a detailed design inspection report; design development; and Construction Support Services.  As a part of the design team SEPC performed the entire inspection of both towers and anchorages on the Queens and Bronx sides; prepared a detailed design inspection report; assisted in the design development; and performed the entire construction support services including review of shop drawings, catalog cuts and responded to RFIs (requests for information).


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