Service Description

New York State Department of Transportation

Construction Inspection Services for Bridge Repairs at Bronx River Parkway Bridge over Metro-North Railroad, Bronx County, NYC


SEPC performed the construction inspection for bridge repairs at the highway Bridge BIN 1075049 (160 ft long,100 ft wide) carrying Bronx River Parkway, over Metro-North Railroad in Bronx County, NYC.  The bridge is located over railroad tracks and therefore required coordination with Metro-North Railroad and special procedures needed to be followed while working above tracks for the safety of traveling public and construction workers.    The bridge repair work included the following items:

  • Repairs of deteriorated areas of the bridge’s steel girders, floor beams and stringers
  • Removal and replacement of existing bridge joints
  • Replacement or restoration of the bridge’s expansion bearings
  • Milling and replacement of the two-inch asphalt concrete overlay on the bridge’s deck
  • Partial depth and full depth concrete repairs on the bridge’s reinforced concrete deck
  • Concrete repairs to deteriorated areas of the bridge’s substructure
  • Work Zone Traffic Control (MPT)
Bronx River Parkway
Bronx River Parkway

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