Service Description

MTA Bridges and Tunnels

BW-14/84C, Various Structural Repairs and Removal of Tuned Mass Damper and Inspection of Select Main Cable Panels at the Bronx Whitestone Bridge


SEPC performed construction inspection for the project which comprised of steel and concrete structural repairs at the towers and anchorages of the suspended span bridge.  The following werethe major tasks for the project:

  • Suspender ropes removal and replacement at main span.  The removed ropes were tested to ascertain their conditions to determine future needs for rehabilitation and/or replacement of the suspender ropes for the entire bridge.
  • Unwrapping of the main suspended cables for inspection and then re-wrapping and painting of cables.
  • Steel and concrete repairs at Towers and Anchorages.
  • Painting of steel at towers and anchorages.
  • Electrical work.

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