Service Description

MTA Bridges and Tunnels

Construction Administration, Inspection, and Design Oversight Services for Design-Build Project BW-07/BW-32 Fender Protection and Fire Standpipe Systems at the Bronx Whitestone Bridge (BWB)


The Project involved Design-Build services for the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge (BWB) fender, fireboat mooring platforms, and standpipe systems.  The following were the major components of the project:

Design and Construction of: 

  1. New fendering system and security fence at Bronx tower 
  2. New fendering system and security fence surrounding Queens tower 
  3. New FDNY fireboat moorings and standpipe supports at Bronx and Queens towers 
  4. New dry fire standpipe systems at Bronx and Queens towers, including pipe supports anchored to existing tower foundations and to existing steel towers 
  5. Modifications to existing security fencing surrounding tower bases and other ancillary items positioned along trajectories of standpipes 
  6. Navigation lighting on new fendering systems. 
  1. Maintenance and protection of traffic while performing construction at bridge deck level. 
  2. Design, construction, and removal of temporary access platforms and scaffolds required for the completion of the work. 
  3. Standpipe system design approval by FDNY, as well as testing and commissioning in coordination with the Authority and FDNY. 
BW-07 Fender
BW-07 Fender

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