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New York State Department of Transportation

Construction Inspection Services for Walt Whitman Road Rehabilitation over I-495, Town of Huntington, Suffolk County, NY

SEPC performed the construction inspection for the bridge widening and rehabilitation project.  Before the replacement, Walt Whitman Road Bridge (built in 1962) featured one southbound lane, one northbound lane, and a northbound left-turn lane, with a sidewalk on the west side of the bridge and no shoulders. The new, wider structure features five lanes:

  • Two southbound lanes
  • One northbound lane
  • One northbound left-turn lane
  • Additional lane to provide space for a southbound left-turn lane at one end of the bridge
  • Extra northbound left-turn lane at the other end of the bridge

The concrete bridge deck replacement included inspection of rebars, bridge grade, bridge deck formwork, sidewalks, bridge approaches, parapet placement, asphalt pavement, guide rail installation, WZTC, and pavement marking inspection. Project included sidewalk installation for pedestrians on both sides of the highway, with shoulders for bicycling on each side. Intersections at each end of the bridge were widened as part of the project to allow more efficient traffic flow.

The project included installation of Inform fiber optic cables into the inner duct channels, sheeting for drainage and piles, drainage work, building of an embankment, and clearing of vegetation to name a few.  The wider structure will now be able to accommodate the daily traffic of about 164,000 vehicles that travel on the bridge per day.

Walt Whitman
Walt Whitman

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