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MTA Bridges and Tunnels

Construction Administration and Inspection Services for Project RK-70 PH 1A, Structural Repairs at RFK Bridge


The project consisted of removing all damaged and unsound concrete from the girder beams and columns and repairing them. This work includes underdeck repair work for all three parts of RFK Bridge (Manhattan, Queens, & Bronx).

The inspectors oversaw the entire operation from removal to repairs while making sure all work is performed as per plans and specifications.  The integral part of their responsibilities included following maintenance and protection of traffic plans and ensuring safety of all.  The work items included the following:

  • Removal of loose concrete from columns, beams, and girders by light hammering equipment.
  • Inspection and checking the condition of the exposed rebars to determine the need for repairs, if any.
  • Repairs, as needed, and cleaning of the rebars as per SP-3 and the application of Sika Armatec.
  • Installation of rebars, anchor bolts, wire mesh and stirrups, and application of Sika VOH patches.
  • Shotcrete application on the beams, columns, and girders.
  • Sonic testing of the applied shotcrete with a hammer.
RFK Structural Repairs
RFK Structural Repairs
RFK Structural Repairs
RFK Structural Repairs

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