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MTA Bridges and Tunnels

Biennial Inspection and Design of Miscellaneous Structural Repairs at Henry Hudson Bridge


The Henry Hudson Bridge is a heavily traveled, double deck steel arch bridge, connecting Northern Manhattan to the Bronx.  The main arch span is 256.20 m (~815 feet) long while the overall bridge length is 673.05 m (2,140 feet).

SEPC performed work as a sub-consultant on the project.  We performed the biennial bridge inspections, prepared inspection & flag reports for the inspected bridges, and prepared sketches using Bentley MicroStation.

We performed biennial inspection of the Henry Hudson Bridge for three cycles and interim special inspections which were carried out in the years following regular biennial inspections.

The scope of work included review of existing documents, field inspection of structural components including floorbeams, stringers, box girders, columns, sign gantries and light standards and other miscellaneous tasks needed to complete the task.  The work also included concrete sounding to remove loose or unsound concrete.

 Henry Hudson
 Henry Hudson

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