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Topographic Survey for Complex Pedestrian Ramps within Boroughs of Manhattan and Bronx


SEPC performed the topographic survey for 38 intersections in Manhattan and the Bronx as part of the design for complex pedestrian ramps in the boroughs of Manhattan and the Bronx.  The purpose of pedestrian ramps design is to update the pedestrian ramps as per current requirements for NYC Department of Transportation and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  The topographic survey was performed utilizing state of the art equipment followed by data processing and development of survey drawings utilizing AutoCAD.  The following is the summary of work:

  • Preliminary Investigation of each work intersection including reserach and obtaining required data (property records, tax maps, monument maps, grade maps, benchmarks, etc.) from different New York City departments. 
  • Setting up control points. Also, prepared field notes & maps of control points at each intersection. 
  • Inspection & field notes of sewer & water lines within work limits at each intersection. 
  • Setting up horizontal & vertical control traverses for each work location as per required datums using Total Station, Electronic Level & GPS. 
  • Performed topographic survey of each work intersection. The work limits include hundred feet in all directions on each intersections. 
  • Data processing through Carlson, AutoCAD, MS Excel, and other related software. 
  • Composition of required maps like Control, Topographic, Utilities, & Clean Base Maps. 
Topographic Survey for Complex Pedestrian Ramps
Topographic Survey for Complex Pedestrian Ramps

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