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New York City Department of Transportation

Demolition of Two Pedestrian Bridges over Railroad at Tracy Avenue and Bethel Avenue, Staten Island


SEPC developed contract plans for the demolition of two bridges over an active railroad track owned by Staten Island Rail Transit (SIRT).  In the absence of available as-built plans or other details, SEPC was tasked to collect information to accurately describe the existing conditions, measure the bridge dimensions and their elements, and prepare existing bridge plans, elevations, and sections.  In addition to the bridge dimensions, data was collected for adjacent facilities and overhead utility lines.

SEPC designed the demolition scheme ensuring safety of railroad operation; avoiding overhead electric lines which limited overhead clearance for crane operation; protecting the railroad tracks and third rail from construction operation and falling debris; provided construction sequencing and prepared construction staging plan for the replacement of removed girders and deck. Other details included general/schematic location plan, platform, overhead electric lines, maintenance and protection of traffic plans to be utilized during construction on the surrounding streets, and other miscellaneous details.  The project required extensive coordination with SIRT, MTA New York City Transit, NYC Department of Transportation, and others.

Tracy Bethel
Tracy Bethel
Tracy Bethel

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